Child Find

The Dakota Valley School District is committed to educating and preparing every student to be successful. As a part of that philosophy, we are committed to providing quality special education and related services in order to help students who have unique needs to achieve this goal.

The Dakota Valley School District has the authority and obligation to evaluate children whose parent(s)/guardians request an evaluation to be admitted into the special education instructional program.  An evaluation will be conducted by highly trained special education teachers, school psychologist and other providers as appropriate.

If a child has been identified as eligible for special education or related services, the district will work collaboratively with the team, which includes the parent(s)/guardian to provide specially designed instruction or related services in order to enable our students to make educational growth. Services can be provided for eligible children ages 0-21.

If you are moving to the Dakota Valley School District and have a child who has received special education services in their previous district, it is helpful to have available a copy of your child’s most recent evaluation report and IEP. The IEP team at your child’s home school will then work with you to request educational records from the previous district, verify services your child received, identify the necessary steps to determine continued eligibility for special education, and, if appropriate, develop a plan to meet the unique learning needs of your child.