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ADA Compliance

Michael Oberg, IT Director
Michael Oberg
IT Director


The goal of this department is to make our District's website ADA compliant.  While the ADA does not directly address wesite accessibility and does not include any technical standard for determining compliance, we are going to be proactive to avoid any potention issues that may arrise from for the Dept. of Justice.

Some of the key components to this process is forming a team.  I will lead a select group of people including our Superintendent Dr. Rasmussen, Tech Cordinator Kristin Hanson, teachers, and staff to colaborate and brainstrom ideas.  We are going to first look to implement the following:

  • People with disabilities can use the website effectively
  • Content on the site must be able to be read by screen readers
  • Not all accessibility guidelines are focused on the disabled but with focus on navigation, functionality and good contrast

A redesign of the site may be required for this ongoing project and is also important to note all personnel that post content to the DV website are trained in ADA compliance so future content won't need to be modified.  During this time pages may have to be taken offline to make the necessary changes. 


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